307Enchanté, is here to celebrate individual style. Mine, of course, as well as others around me.  It is here merely as a way to express the beauty of individuality – which I pride greatly – and to show others they should pride their individuality as well.

So who is writing this anyways? Good question. My name is Aspen, I live in a small town and aspire to get out and into the city some day soon. I am a girl who is obsessed with shoes, clothes, makeup, and putting it all together. I also mildly obsess over music, photography, food, books and all things French related. You will definitely notice that in the near future. I like to laugh, write, sing everywhere I go, hoard books in my room, drink coffee, walk in the city, play tennis, visit new places (and take pictures of those places), and most of all I like being inspired.

Feel free to leave any comments and suggestions. I’m happy to hear them!

You can also find Enchanté on other social media sites:
Instagram: @EnchanteStyle


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