Living the High Life

Introducing my new prized-possession: high-waisted shorts. These beauties will most likely be worn weekly because I’m so in love. Maybe it’s the fact that the look is so old-school or maybe because they slim EVERYTHING but either way, I recommend everyone buy a pair. My pair was $5 at a consignment store – go figure – and they will undoubtedly be the best five bucks I will spend. Ever.

043     044     041

You can also click on the pictures to make them bigger – they are pretty small as they are. That’s thanks to the template I use. For now it will remain but in a few months I will upgrade.

045    039    047

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    040      046

I have too much fun with pictures as you can tell. Make sure to check back this weekend for a new post! Comments are always welcome.

xoxo, Aspen
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