No Garment Left Behind

In my closet I have a policy: no garment left behind. Sometimes I find myself wearing the same piece over and over  and begin to neglect all the other pieces hanging there. So instead, every so often, I make a habit to find something that hasn’t been touched in a while and create an outfit with it. I usually forget how much I love it, or how cute it looks with item “X” in my closet, or whatever. In your head it may seem like you have a small closet but majority of the time you really just downsize it with what you choose to wear and not to wear.

We also all have that one item in our closet we absolutely love to death yet hardly wear outside of our bedroom walls. Or maybe that’s just me. Yeah – probably just me. What I’m trying to get at though is that for me, that item – both forgotten and neglected yet loved – is this cardigan. I got it at Crossroads Trading (surprise!) for $13 awhile back. The brand is called Frenchi, one that is sold at Nordstrom, so I knew right away that it was a steal.

 0353   028   029   035

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I may also be obsessed with this cardigan because it has a French name. Who knows. But the looseness of it makes it easy to put over basically anything. Except maybe your winter coats – I’d second guess that decision.

Next time, when choosing an outfit, do what I do and find something covered in dust – but if that really is the case, please go wash it first – and try it out for funsies. You never know what the result may be.

xoxo, Aspen

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