A Thousand Different Styles

Style isn’t just fashion, it is so much more. By definition it is the manner of doing something, or to design or make in a particular form. I feel that the word has been reduced to just clothes and fashion. While it does include those things, the way in which someone interacts with others and the hobbies one enjoys can fall under the category “style” as well. To me, style is the way you live each and every day. Every single person has a unique style. Sure, you may find similarities in others but your style will always remain just that: yours.

Now for the point of all that. This blog, Enchanté, is here to celebrate individual style. Mine, of course, as well as others around me.  It is here merely as a way to express the beauty of individuality – which I pride greatly – and to show others they should pride their individuality as well.

So who is writing this anyway? Good question. My name is Aspen, I live in a small town and aspire to get out and into the city some day soon. I am a girl who is obsessed with shoes, clothes, makeup, and putting it all together. I also mildly obsess over music, photography, food, books and all things French-related. You will definitely notice that in the near future. I like to laugh, sing everywhere I go, hoard books in my room, write, drink coffee, walk in the city, play tennis, visit new places (and take pictures of those places), and most of all I like to be inspired. Many things categorize me and that goes for everyone. It’s that whole style thing I mentioned earlier, whatever that was.

By the way, I absolutely hate all this introductory stuff. Gotta make sure your readers know who you are! Gotta connect with your audience on a personal level! Bare with me, I’m almost done.

In this blog you will find pictures of my style, other people’s style, fashion ideas & tips, as well as other things. I’m also open to any suggestions and comments if you wish to leave me one. I greatly appreciate it!

Done! Intro over…now onto the real stuff.


A few days ago I took a small day trip to San Francisco with my mom. We hit Haight-Ashbury and all the consignment stores in that area. I absolutely LOVE consignment stores, it is where I get most of my clothes. Never do I spend more than $30 on something. I’m such a cheap skate.

These leather boots I got at the Goodwill on Haight St for $8. I fell in love… especially with the price. I was trying to find the brand name but they are so worn down on the inside that I couldn’t make out the name. Now it’s time I wear them out  a little more.  I found a lot of other things at the consignment stores there. They had Crossroads Trading Co. which I live by as well as Buffalo Exchange which is another chain of consignment stores. The nearest Buffalo Exchange is in San Francisco.

             026                     025

xoxo,  Aspen

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One thought on “A Thousand Different Styles

  1. Hello, my name is Arthur Mertens. I’m from Belgium and I find your site very interesting. I also have a taste for fashion, and note that we seem to have similar tastes. Maybe we could get in touch? Arthur Mertens

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